Our partner organizations

We are proud and happy to present our partners, who support us not only financially but also with competence and enthusiasm.


At BCPersonal, we are experts in the placement of professionals and executives in the areas of Real Estate, Finance and Digital. In these fields of expertise, we see ourselves as ecosystem managers who foster sustainable relationships with clients, candidates and contacts, and feel responsible for contributing to their growth and success.

As we are also committed to the eco-thought and are guided by sustainability in our actions, we have decided to cooperate with the NTFP Foundation and support the Amazon Beekeeping Project. By donating a bee colony for every successful placement, we also want to contribute to the strengthening of the ecosystem of our planet as well as to a sustainable income for small farmers.

The reason why we have chosen this cooperation is on the one hand that we think bees are cool – because they make an important contribution to the preservation of biodiversity and the strengthening of the ecosystem – and on the other hand that we like to eat honey. Another important reason is also the personal relationship between me and Dieter Bratschi, whose accountability and integrity I appreciate very much. This basis of trust and the human component are important, no matter whether it’s a matter of a custom-fit recruitment or the support of a non-profit project.

We are happy about this cooperation and hope for many busy bee colonies and a sustainable, successful cooperation for people and nature.

Gregor Bienz, CEO BCPersonal

Haitiverein Liechtenstein e.V.

The Haitiverein Liechtenstein is our Partner for all the Projects in Haiti. Our focus lies in Haiti mainly on reforestation, drinking water and health.